We Recommission Boreholes

With the rising costs of water rates talk to us about recommissioning your unused boreholes.


Borehole and water well drilling

Borehole Services

Some Boreholes have been disused or unserviced for many years. With the rising costs of water rates, many farms and small holdings are choosing to recommission these to put them back into production.

Our Borehole Services…

*Water Well drilling & Installing.

*Water Well rehabilitation.

*Geothermal Well drilling.

*Soakaway construction.

*Deepening existing boreholes.

*Cleaning and re-lining by several different methods.

*Pump services, repair replace, supply and installation.

*Pressure Vessels,reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, water softners 

*Water Quality Testing.

Water Quality Testing
Water Well rehabilitation
Pressure vessel

Water Quality Tests

Water abstracted from water boreholes is generally of high quality and chemical free. However some water sources are not always fit for human consumption, agricultural or industrial use. These sources could require treatment to remove potential chemical and bacterial contaminants and impurities.

Geothermal Drilling will carry out a series of approved water quality tests to ensure your water supply is safe for human consumption and other users.


Please contact Felicity with any enquiries or to arrange an on-site visit to discuss your needs and we will tailor a solution for you.



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